At Camp Saksida we are striving to create a green nook where people and the environment can exist in harmony and co-create the content of this area that is far from the daily routine. In 2018, we were awarded the Ecocamping label. This promotes measures to improve environmental protection, safety and quality in the camp. The camp’s operations precisely follow the requirements of the label, set out by Ecocamping e.V. By being part of this programme, we want our camp to remain an eco-friendly and people-friendly oasis. Our way of respecting nature is to use as much reusable packaging as possible, conserve water, use natural cleaning detergents, separate waste and we invite our guests to do the same.

The same approach is used in our bar and restaurant, where we also try to be green and buy produce from local farms.

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Address: Vi-Vin Saksida d.o.o. & Ingrid Saksida s.p.
Zalošče 12a
5294 Dornberk

Tel: +386 5 3017853